Improvement of error covariance matrix computation

in variational methods, MascotNum annual conference, here


Iterative Methods for improving Error Covariance Modelling in Variational Assimilation, UNCECOMP 2019, here


Role model detection using low rank similarity matrix, scientific report, here

Journal Publications


Background Error Covariance Iterative

Updating with Invariant Observation Measures for Data Assimilation, Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment ,33(11):2033–2051, here


Rock–paper–scissors dynamics from random walks on temporal multiplex networks, Journal of Complex Networks, cnz027,  here



A graph clustering approach to localization for adaptive data assimilation based on state-observation mapping, (submitted to Mathematical Geoscience, preprint)


Error covariance tuning in variational data assimilation: application to an operating hydrological model, Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment (accepted for publication), here


Conference/Scientific reports

- Blaise Pascal-

“Nous souhaitons la vérité, et ne trouvons en nous qu'incertitude”


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